1998     The Laundrettes "Wash your linen in public", Rugby, Oxford, Leighton Buzzard,The Oval, St Pauls,

             Shepherds Bush

2000     Solo Exhibition, Permagard Buildings, Mougin, Cannes

2000     Night, Raas Gaas, Monaco

2002     Untitled Three, Originals, Stow-on-the-Wold

2002     Urban Chemistry, Originals, Stow-on-the-Wold


2002     Slip Away, Yellow, New Bond Street, London

2002     Untitled Four,  Originals, Stow-on-the-Wold

2002     Residency, 'Does the Disappearance of Matter, Matter?", NASA

2002     Untitled Two, Originals, Stow-on-the-Wold

2003     Solo Exhibition, Originals, Stow-on-the-Wold

2003     Residency, Newnham Paddox Art Park

2003     Bungalow Basemen, City Gallery, Leicester

2003     Champs Elysee, Tantalus Project, Lanchester Gallery, (Coventry University collection)

2003     Untiltled, Rugby Art Gallery

2003     Numerous works, The Olde Post Office Gallery, Nailsworth

2003     Untitled (Pink not Pink), Floor One, Rugby Art Gallery

2004     The Messiah, Wellingborough Castle, Wellingborough

2004     The Messiah is a girl, Wellingborough Castle, Wellingborough

2004     It has gone, whatever it was. Wellingborough Castle, Wellinborough

2004     Quest Four, Vibrant Art, Stow-on-the-Wold

2004     Abstract One, Vibrant Art, Stow-on-the-Wold

2004     Untiltled, Vibrant Art, Stow-on-the-Wold

2004     Harsh Reality, Gallery 39, Rugby

2004     Knot Ideal, Gallery 39, Rugby

2004     Moods, Vibrant Art, Stow-on-the-Wold

2004     Stormed, Vibrant Art, Stow-on-the-Wold

2004     Hang the clown, (Tantalus Project), Warwickshire Art Week, Rugby Art Gallery

2004     Capabilty's got nothing on me, Newnham Paddox Art Park

2004     No adjectives, The Alex, Rugby

2004     Plain Pole, Newnham Paddox Art Park

2004     Reservoir, Floor One, Rugby Art Gallery

 2004    Tears, Floor, One, Rugby Art Gallery

2005     What another Messiah? Rugby Art Gallery

2006     Only Projection, Rugby Art Gallery

2006     Long live the clown, Floor One, Rugby Art Gallery

2006     Who's Tears, (Tantalus Project), Longhorns, Rugby

2008     Can I lick it?  Floor One, Rugby Art Gallery

2009     Kicking, (Tantalus Project), Longhorns, Rugby

2009     I punctured but survived, Longhorns, Rugby

2009     The clown gets it, RAGM

2010     Knot another Messiah, Christchurch College, Oxford

2012     Who is Juliet? (Collaboration, Royal Shakespeare Company

2012     Curator of Six Exhibitions, Cafe Pasta, Kensington

2013     Your tears my reservoirs, Box Brownie

2013     Untitled, Box Brownie

2014     The Head Case, Art & Design, Cov. Uni.

2014     Air my views, Coventry University Collection

2015     Co. Director of "Labour Exchange". Organisers of Earlsdon Festival Art Trail

2015     Box Room, (group show), Fargo, Coventry

2015     Untiltled,  Glass Box, Coventry

2016     Untitled, Lanchester Gallery, Cov. Uni

2016     Matter, Fargo, Coventry

2016    Drawing Breathe, Lewis Gallery, Rugby School

2016    Fully Furnished, Coventry University

2016    Silent Ska, Coventry Cathedral

2016    Silent Ska, City Arcadia, Coventry

2016    Free Range, Truman Brewery, London

2016    Fly away with you, RBSA

2016    FETWWL, Glass Box, Coventry

2016    FETWWL, The Herbert Art Gallery

2016    Atomic, Drapers

2017    New Arts West Midlands, Waterhall Gallery, Birmingham Museum

2017   "Occupy", NAFAE, L.G.P. Coventry

2017    "Visitor" screening, Queen City Cinephiles, North Carolina, America

2017    Un-scene Pt 1 iwith Halina Dominska, Stryx

2017    Un-scene Pt 2, Stryx

2017    BYO Beamer Open Projection, Fargo

2017    Re-Tale "Ha" with Dr Andrea Hannon, Coventry Biennial

2017    Scratch the Surface,  Coventry Cathedral

2018   "Sense", Sense and Royal Birmingham Society Arts

2018   "Open", Royal Birmingham Society Arts

2018   "Pass Portal"

2018   Coventry Drawing Prize

2018   "Van Trip" FETWWL phase 2, Coventry UK to Lodz Poland (transient)

2018   "Van Trip"  live Q & A, Herbert Gallery, Coventry

2018   "In-difference' with Jay Taylor and Andy Spackman, Stryx

2018    Next Wave, RBSA

2018    Residency by invitation : Visual Artist for the Bewdley Festival

2019    Making Together RBSA SENSE, with Zoe Robertson And Stephen Snel

2019-2020  Re-Tale phase two "Ha" with Dr Andrea Hannon "Sense"

2020    Ideas of Noise Festival. SAD MAN verses Artist Retired, The Tin Box

2021   'Art can be rubbish too' Coventry Biennial - Coventry City of Culture 2021

2021   'Art can be rubbish too' Skegness

2021   'Art can be rubbish too' Great Yarmouth

2021.  'Art can be rubbish too' Weston Super Mare

2021   'Art can be rubbish too' Comedy Carpet, Blackpool

2021.  'Art can be rubbish too' Tate, St. Ives

2021.  'Art can be rubbish too' Margate

2021.  'Art can be rubbish too' Folkestone

2021   Green Film Festival. City of Culture 2021. Debate panel leader

2023   'Truth to Material' Warwick University Law School

1998-2003 Projects managed internationally in Belfast, Dublin, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Monaco, Canne, Mougin, Lyon, Geneva.